6.06.17 BingsGiving

BING, the Microsoft Search engine is pretty busy and we teamed up with our friends at Invisible North on a few summits for their Travel and Auto partners in Seattle at the Museum of Flight  and Los Angeles at the Car Museum respectively. 

They were so elated with what we accomplished at their summits they asked us to create a BingsGiving in 4 cities over the course of a week to give back to their clients and the communities. We held court at The FareStart in Seattle, The Perennial in San Francisco, Big Daddy’s Antiques in LA and The Intrepid in NYC. 

The nights were filled with lots of food and lots of Giving. We created a Giving Wall and encouraged guests to bring gently used clothes and canned goods in order to receive pins to play games like cards and checkers. The best outcome was the nostalgic feeling of Thanksgiving in your parents house– board games and all!

*All pictures from the Los Angeles Event 

Vendors: Erik Voake Kreate Catering , Big Daddy’s Antiques, Mustard Lane,

6.06.17 Magic Makers

We teamed up with the LulaRoe crew in July and we can’t even begin to tell just how much FUN they are. I mean we had a pretty hefty job of fabricating, designing and producing a 6000 person event at three locations in a span of 3 days but we pulled it off and the results are breathtaking.

LulaRoe, if you aren’t familiar with them, is taking the direct sales market by storm and putting color and leggings back on the map. Not only are they a truly awesome group but honestly they are making women (and men) seriel entrepreneurs and empowering them to take over their lives and the lives of their families. Its pretty amazing.

Quick stats on the event for 6000 consultants 

Ontario Convention Center – 2 days of shopping, presentations + lunch where we designed the registration area, stage, fashion presentation, fashion vignettes, seating + lunch areas and signage. 

Splash Kingdom – Opening party at local water park where we designed the stage, signs, and worked with Confetti Systems to make some awesome tassels!

Huntington Beach – Closing Party in Huntington Beach where Andy Grammar performed and we designed a killer sand castle photo moment, corn hole, lots of food and awesome seating areas. 

Vendors: Confetti Systems, Messex Industries, Invisible North, Ese Events, Yeah Rentals, Smilebooth, Nu California and more. 

8.17.16 Googler

Lately we have been working with not only some incredible brands but some amazing agencies whose vision and ideation process astounds us. One of those agencies is Imprint Projects who we have worked with throughout the years on many projects but this past one takes the digital cake. Imprint approached us about an exciting project with Google for the Google Play Music group. No stranger to the music world (and a few google searches) we helped to produce a Music Wall, Virtual Reality Demo and everything in between to get em up and running in Mountain View for the Google I/O Developers conference in May 2018 for 7000 people. VT Pro Design provided the guidance, build and technical support on the Music Wall and VR Demo where Obscura Digital dove headfirst into making the Connections Wall literally “connect” with people.

Lots of components went into bringing this things to life but to sum it up take a look at the below and be sure to check out the making of video. Its ABFAB.

Google Play Music Zone at Google I/O

The space aimed to show how Google is bringing the magic of Google to the future of music. To deliver on this promise Google developed three unique installations to awe and inspire attendees, including:

Google Web 9


A touch screen installation allowing users to discover music in an entirely new way: powered by the Knowledge Graph. Users explored an immersive visual interface and discover interesting connections that exist between artists, albums and songs. 

Google Web 7

Google Web 8


A large-scale LED installation comprised of over 3,000 earphone jacks and dynamic visuals which emphasize how Google Play Music leverages context to serve the right song at the right time.

Google Web 5

Google Web 6

Google Web 2


Using innovative video and audio technology and Google Cardboard, the experience served up a new type of music video—reimagining Queen’s iconic track, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” 

Google Web 3

2.08.16 Shake Shack x Infatuation


Burgers and Fries, need we say more!


When I used to live in NYC I would leave work, rain or shine, and walk to Madison Square Park on 23rd and Broadway, a few blocks from my office. Among the natural park setting was a small building dubbed “Shake Shack” and a huge long line of people. You must wonder why one would wait over an hour for a burger but then you’ve clearly never had a Shake Shack burger and fries. It’s simply delicious.

When I switched coasts I turned to Inn n Out (equally awesome) as there was no Shack in the state of California. Well the burger gods have shined upon me now since Shake Shack has made its Los Angeles and I was lucky enough to help plan this event. With an amazing team of people including the wickedly awesome and humorous Infatuation we set up a parking lot and factory party in Vernon CA. Over 2000 people made the trek to apron squad mavens HQ Hedley and Bennett for burgers and fries cooked up by the magicians of Shack.  Infatuation handed out survival fanny packs complete with wipes, sunnies and wristbands while The Flashdance had the crowd rocking to the beats. It was a very visual event with painted walls that served as our instagram backdrop, Geronimo Balloons  swaying to the tunes while custom Jenga and Cornhole acted as physical entertainment. Did we mention we put The Flashdance up in the treehouse? Yes there was a treehouse. And a slide and a zipline. Amazeballs.

Having a party in an apron factory was simply awesome awesome. The factory served as the perfect place for attendees to enjoy themselves and to announce the arrival of Shake Shack to Los Angeles. Be sure to check out The Infatuation for updates on latest restaurants launching not only in LA but all over the country and reviews on them.

Photos by Mary Costa 



Inside Hedley + Bennett


Line for Burgers and our Insta Wall

shake shack la_hedley_infatuation_hollyliss (21 of 28)

The Infatuation Survival Kits


Custom Jenga


Bourban Lemondae (yummo)

Shake Shack Invite

The invite for foodies, celebs and friends


The piece de resistance!


2.03.16 Goodnight LA

gaslamp 7


The Sonos Studio is closing its doors (insert sad face) and we were there to produce the FINAL night. We wanted it to feel like a nice intimate party where you just have a kick ass time with your friends, kinda like Studio 54 sans drugs. So we took the bull by the horns and did just that. Working with Imprint Projects we nailed down the talent: jenny lee from Warpaint, YACHT, Daedelus and Gaslamp Killer. All were going to do select DJ sets and jenny to do a liver performance.

To create the vibe we were going for we called on Alison Childs to create the most EPIC light show you could possibly imagine. Seriously this girl is talented. Mister Balloon, Taylor Creative and Tip Top Parties provided the accessories. And can we also discuss the fact that they let me do a balloon drop, event Planners dreams do come true!

No party is complete without Glow Stick. Looks out Steve Rubell, we might be onto something here. But seriously, the studio had been open for 4 years and was a huge part of the success of CC Events and we loved working with all the regular vendors like CYKIK, BeSecure and SERVE Mobile Bars. Its bittersweet the studio has closed its doors on La Brea but we look forward to the next chapter with Sonos and the crew. Goodnight LA (for now).

Shout out to Golden Road and Double Cross Vodka for the legendary libations. Photo Cred to Erik Voake 


gaslamp 5

gaslamp 4

gaslamp 3

gaslamp 2

gaslamp 1







2.03.16 Absolutely Lovely

We work with Paper Magazine on a few things and when they needed an extra hand for a photoshoot with Absolute Vodka we gladly stepped in. In the spirit of the holidays and getting people together Paper and Absolute created the “Friendsgiving” and worked with insta-famous gal pal @ who invited all her friends for a super sweet dinner party at the Palihouse Hotel in Hollywood. Filled with food, music, laughter and friends the Absolute Friendsgiving was born.

The yummy meal provided by Kreate Catering was the perfect accompaniment to the custom Moscow Mules that shook everyone up. And can we discuss the Absolute bottle made out of photos by our new favorite florist Photos by: Natural Objects 


Absolute 3

absolute 2

1.07.16 Apple of my Eye

December was the most bananas month we have ever taken on but let me tell you, it was so worth it. When Sonos and Apple (yes Apple) come calling you better believe we are going to jump right on that bandwagon. Our mission, that we chose to accept, included 10 nights of influencer dinners with the Top 250 people in music. That would include musicians, artists, managers, agents, producers and anything in between. Not only would we host these folks at Wolvesmouth, the uber exclusive – invitation only dinner party in a home – but we also erected 4 major art installations around the home.

Craig Thornton, the chef and installation artist created 4 rooms, Alligator Lounge inspired by Josh Homme Alligator Hour, Peacock Room inspired by St. Vincents “Mix Tape” on Beats radio, Twin Peaks Bathroom, inspired by the 90’s cult classic Twin Peaks and The Hive which was an underground room beneath the kitchen floorboards that boasted the most intense bass ever including the dessert to end the evening.

20 guests per night were invited to explore the rooms during cocktail hour and then sit down for a 7 course meal prepared by Craig and the most amazing Wolvesmouth chefs. When I tell you the food is works of art in itself I am not lying, see for yourself!

WM 1
Wolves mouth Dinner Table. Always inspired by Nature.

Now why have these dinners? Well Apple Music is now streaming through Sonos and these 10 dinners were in celebration of that. We played music, we laughed, we ate and we had a TON of fun.

Photo Credit: Tim + Logan Cadiente


Peacock Lounge


Twin Peaks Black Lodge


1.06.16 Viner of the Year

Paper Magazine is a super awesome publication that we follow religiously. Remember  the Kim Kardashian cover for “Breaking the Internet?”, yeah well they were in charge of that. Part of their amazinness comes from the production company arm of the magazine called Extra Extra. Extra Extra called upon us to help produce social media powerhouse VINE party for Viner of the Year.

Taking over a 10,000 sq ft 4 level event space in the heart of Venice Beach was no small feat. We worked with Yeah Rentals, Scopa Restaurant, Classic Party Rentals, American Sign, CYCIK and many more to pull this whole thing together in less than two weeks. The results were fantastic!

Photo Credit: Tomas Urbano of Gorgeous TV

Vine 2

Rooftop Lounge Set-up

vINE 4

Main Room Party Area, Vine Sign was 8ft Circumference

vine 6

Branded M&M’s

vine 7

Branded Beach Balls and Lounge Area in Main Area

vine 8

The Property Brothers

vine 9

Viner of the Year, King Bach filling out his own Trivia in the Vine Booth Room with branded Vine Cookies!

vine 10

Waitress with Scopa’s delicious Risotto Balls


Scopa Sandwiches


1.04.16 #40for40

When one of the top brass executives at Nike come calling well then you answer. Our client and his wife were turning 40 and are avid sports enthusiast (naturally) and they wanted to incorporate not only good food, music and a killer setting (insert Bel Air Mansion). Inspired by the Fresh Prince himself and ESPN’s 30 for 30 series we came up with a fun yet playful approach to their party. Beach balls filled the pool and 40 cookies boasting the couples “bucket list” was a huge hit.

Catering: Boyz in the Kitchen 

Photos: Smilebooth 

Consultants: Bungalow PR

Nike 1

Nike 2

Nike 3

1.04.16 LA Darlings


Silversun PickupsSonic GardenSilversun Pickups is a local LA band that is generating a lot of buzz and for good reason. After a long day of launching their album they came into the Sonos Studio for a “picnic” of sorts where guests grabbed grub from the Howling Ray’s Chicken food truck and hung in the make-shift park area that was erected as part of an exhibition taking place. You can never go wrong with food and music…..and booze too of course.



YACHT set the bar high with the introduction to their new album “I thought the Future Would be Cooler”– the latest in YACHT’S ongoing multidisciplinary inquiries into what it means to be a human being in the 21st century; among other things, it addresses the collapse of language, the placeless world of electronic networks, cities, and cultural exhaustion.

Before YACHT- the brainchild of Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans graced the stage attendees were compounded to a slew of visual treats including contact signs that boasted song lyrics and album art projected on the studio walls. While regaling the crowd with entertaining stories and perfect banter they filled the studio with new scents like new car smell, tangerine and clover dispensed by what looked like an old school fog machine to cleanse the palette in between the 5 featured songs.

The moody blue lighting, sharp songs, great conversation and Golden Road beer made this one for the memory books and anything but an ordinary event.



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