We worked with Tool of North America as the Executive producers for the Uber Comfort: Comfort Club in the Chicago O’Hare Airport. A 30 x 30 set up inside the airport offering comforts economy class travelers aren’t used to seeing.


Working with Uber and Clear Channel we secured the 30 x 30 ft space in Chicago o’Hares Terminal Two to house The Uber Comfort Club. Here economy class passengers could enjoy the comforts associated with Uber Comfort product like options to sit on the quiet or conversational side or indulge in a warm or cold beverage. Everything in the space tied back to a product feature. Guests also walked away with a promo card to redeem an upgrade to Uber Comfort. They also received comfort kits for their travel home which included an eye mask, ear plugs and warm socks .


  • Over 12,000 through the course of the month 
  • Features in AdWeek and AdAge