Demo Area

We had a mighty task ahead of us as we had to decorate two houses that were completely bare. One of those rooms was the Listening Room in the main house. Here the client would give demo’s of their product and it had to be equal parts cool and awesome to sit in and also be acoustically sound!

Wall of Knick Knacks

We went to some crazy spots in Austin, one of which was this old Hippie lady who had a shop called Things of the Past and we picked up books and records (all absorb sound well) that would fill the houses with elements that would enhance the overall vibe. Just imagine, this room was totally empty! We love staging rooms for a purpose and this one was all about SOUND!

These below were in the attic that we made into a media VIP and interview room. Lets say things were cozy!!

Media Room Staging
Media Room Staging Part 2